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Clean Up Georgia

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2013-09-26 "Clean Up Georgia - Clean-up - Khoni"

On September 20, Clean up actions were carried out in different areas of Khoni municipality. The events were organized by Khoni regional coordinator of Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth – Georgia. During the event city sport school and agricultural market surrounding areas , Bagrationi street roadside and V. Bakhtadze street passing channels, central kindergarten surrounding areas were cleaned up. Staff of Greening and Cleaning Services of the Municipality took an active part in the action. Khoni- - Kutaisi and Khoni - Samtradia roadside suspension has been arranged. These sites have been cleaned up from plastic bottles, bags and other types of waste.

2013-09-21 -


2013-09-20 The “Clean - Up the World” in Oni

20 september in River Jejora waterline surrounding area in Oni town, along with city park and agricultural market nearby areas, approximately 2,5 ha in area, and around 4 ha of area of community centers of villages- Ghebi, Chiora, Glola and Utsera –were cleaned up.
Around 180 people participated in the “Clean - Up the World” campaign and 8 m3 waste has been collected and disposed in official polygons

2013-09-16 Clean Up the World! Clean Up Georgia! Addresses of organized actions in Tbilisi

September 20

Territory: Narikhala surrounding area.
Gathering place: Ortachala, Heydar Aliyev Park;
Time: 07:00 hrs. -08.30 min, Clean up action will be commenced on the way while moving towards the path Narikhala and be finished at the end of Dadiani street beside the "springs", where Cleaning Municipal Service’s waste transportation vehicles will be mobilized.

September 21
Clean up Tbilisi environs : Tsavkisi, Shindisi, Tabakhmela
Territory: Tsavkisi, by the “Queen’s spring”
Gathering Place: Rose Square - beside the “ Bicycle"
Time: 11:00 hrs.

September 22
Territory: Lisi Lake and the surrounding area
Gathering Place: In front of Saburtalo market (mini-bus stop)
Time: 09:00 hrs

Contact Person:
George Darsavelidze Mob:593 011313

2013-09-14 Clean Up the World! Clean Up Georgia! 20.09.2013 Planned Action

Town Kvareli. Kvareli Municipality
Main streets of Kvareli Town and surrounding area

Town Vani. Vani Municipality
Whole area of village Tsikhesulori
Samtredia Municipality
Both sides of 3 km long section of the track. from Sokhumi cross to river Rioni

Abasha Municipality
Centre of Abasha town;
Vicinity of the railway;
17 Village centres of Abasha municipality(Sepieti, Marani, Ontopo, Norio and etc).

Oni Municipality
River Jejora waterline surrounding area in Oni town - 2-3ha;
Town park and agricultural market nearby area -4 ha;
Community centres of villages- Ghebi, Chiora, Glola and Utsera -1 ha

Tianeti Municipality
Tianeti entrance surrounding area -0,5 ha area,
Clean up of surrounding areas of schools along with the areas adjacent to public and commercial organizations existing in Tianeti municipality

Kharagauli Municipality
River Chkherimela waterline area of 1000 square metres

Town Lagodekhi. Lagodekhi Municipality
Widespread action in the town -
Clean up the Vicinity of the Pass leading to Lagodekhi town and in front of the yards in the settlements of Lagodekhi municipality -1ha

Town Zugdidi. Zugdidi municipality
River Enguri adjacent area, Chitatskaro and Otaria settlement, the old landfill, , -31ha area,

Tsalenjikha Municipality
Centre of Tsalenjikha municipality and village centres -3ha

Chkhorotsku Municipality
In the vicinity of river Ochkhomura waterline, polluted 20ha area.

Mestia Municipality
Polluted area of Mestia borough -2ha

Khobi Municipality
Centres of villages: Kvaloni, Kheta, Khamiskuri, Chaladidi and the 1st of May, along with the centre of town Khobi, with total area of 2ha.

Kutaisi city
David the Buider’s square East area;
Area of Rustaveli bridge. Clean up of the right bank of river Rioni - 1 ha area

Terjola Municipality
Entrance of the town- Rustaveli street and 15ha area of Zestafoni –Kutaisi stretch of Tbilisi-Leselidze highway,

Tsageri Municipality
Clean up the suburbs of Tsageri borough

Kharagauli Municipality
River Chkherimela waterline area of 1000 square metres;

Tkibuli Municipality
Square on Gamsakhurdia street,
Bank of the river Tkibula, - 3ha in total

Dmanisi Municipality
Dmanisi Town surrounding area

Bolnisi Municipality
Adjacent area to village Tsurtavi;
Roadsides of inhabited parts of village Savneti;
Adjacent area to village Japala

Town Akhaltsikhe. Akhaltsikhe Municipality
Clean up the rout of 0,5ha leading to Abastumani;
Beginning of Tamarashvili street-0.2ha;
River Potskhovi Waterline area in the vicinity of Aspindza street-0,5ha
City exit area-1ha. Lake surrounding area;
Centres of Villages- Klde, Atskuri – cleaning up of 0,5 ha area

Aspindza Municipality
Clean up of entrance area of Aspindza borough. ( plastic bags moved from the across located landfill area) -4,5 ha
Clean up of motor way from Khertvisi to Vardzia (15km long stretch);
Clean up of surrounding areas of Khertvisi castle and Vardzia historic complexes;
Clean up of Tsundi Lake adjacent area.

Akhmeta municipality
Widespread action
30-35 hectares area in 26 villages of Akhmeta municipality.

Kaspi Municipality
Kaspi adjacent area – towards Metechi , on both parts of the roadside , 4km long section -1,5ha in area - 2,5 cubic meters of waste. Population and Public Service employees will participate in the action.


Ambrolauri Municipality
Surrounding area of Shaori Lake waterline, with total area of 20ha,

Tskaltubo Mnicipality
The park surrounding area in front of Tskhaltubo municipality;
Adjacent area to the central entrance of the park,- 1,2ha in total

Lanchkhuti Municipality
Former agricultural market area located at Ninoshvili street. 45 km long section of highway, waterline of the rivers Lashisghele and Oragvisghele, all schools and territorial centres adjacent areas, with total area of 5ha.

Town Bagdati. Bagdati Municipality
Bagdati street. Vicinity of agricultural market with area of 1500 square meters;
Freedom square along with 400 square meter playground surrounding area;
River Khanistskali surrounding areas of the villages of Lower and Upper Dimi, accordingly 80 square meters area;
Bondi bridge area of 50 sq.m

Khoni Municipality
Town surrounding area, sports school nearby area, centre of village Ivandidi. The total area of 1ha;
Bondi bridge area of 50 sq..m.

Sachkhere Municipality
Sachkhere entrance

Chokhatauri Municipality
Bus station, market adjacent area, centres of villages, Supsa river waterline settlements, with total area of 3ha.

Ozurgeti Municipality
Centre of town Ozurgeti, market adjacent area, River Natanebi waterline surrounding area in the town along with in settlements, with total area of 5ha.

Borjomi Municipality
Territory of town Borjomi, left bank of Mtkvari river;
Likani- including Akhalsheni area;
Borjomi Park area – 2-3 ha

Tsalka Municipality
The central market adjacent area and the river waterside area of 1ha

Lentekhi Municipality
The “Community Development ” association - Lentekhi Municipality project management center along with Lentekhi administration, schools and medical institutions are joining the World Clean Up action and will clean up Lentekhi streets, squares, areas of departmental agencies and adjacent places.

15.00 სთ

Kareli, Kareli municipality.
Both sides of 3 km long Samtservisi cross, 1.5-2 hectares in total.

Sighnagi Municipality
Signaghi culture and recreation park
Tsnori town square area
Village Anaga nursery garden
Village Vakiri nursery area
Village Sakobo - Territorial body building adjacent spruce-grove area
Village Bodbiskhevi spruce-grove area
The Virgin Assumption Church and cemetery
Village Jugaani school yard
Village Tibaani - nursery adjacent spruce-grove area
Village Old Anaga – yard of the House of Culture
Village Kvemo Machkhaani –Territorial Body building adjacent area
Village Nukriani square adjacent area
Village Magharo –Territorial Body building adjacent area
Village Bodbe churchyard
Village Zemo Bodbe churchyard
Village Iliatsminda - Territorial Body building adjacent area
In total - cleaned up of 10 ha area

2013-09-14 Clean Up the World! Clean Up Georgia! 21.09.2013 Planned Clean Up Action

Senaki Municipality
Peace street section - 2 ha of Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze Highway
Railway line within the town with 2 ha area
Centres of Villages- Menji, Teklati, Nosiri, Old Senaki with 2ha area.
Sachkhere Municipality
Clean up of Sachkhere town organizations and enterprises surrounding areas

Town Rustavi. Rustavi Municipality
Widespread action in Rustavi town ;
Rear garden of Rustavi theatre;
Friendship avenue

Gardabani Municipality
Gardabani City Hall, park, market, police and church nearby territories – total area of 10ha

Marneuli Municipality
Roadside in the village of Norgiuli- Kutlari settlement;
Village Saimerlo - roads to the village cemetery

Sagarejo Municipality
Satave - St.George’s Church surrounding area, with total area of 1,5 ha;
The centre of village Patara Chailuri
The centre of village Badiauri
The centre of village Zvare

Dedoplistskaro Municipality
South –eastern territory of Dedoplistskaro town -2 ha area at the foot of Mount Elia
Akhalkalaki municipality
Town Akhalkalaki nearby area, so called “Tashvanka”, town resting place -5-8 ha

Poti Town. Poti Municipality
From the end of the Peace street to Maltakva- 1 kilometer coastline
Adigeni Municipality

Zestafoni Municipality
David Agmashenebeli street. Irine and April 9 squares;
Polluted area-1,2ha, total amount of waste- 2 cubic meters

Greens movement of Georgia/
Friends of the Earth Georgia
Project “Clean up Georgia”
Executive Group

2013-09-14 Clean Up the World! Clean Up Georgia! 22.09.2013 Planned Action

Ambrolauri Municipality
Surrounding area of Shaori Lake waterline, with total area of 20ha,

Tetritskaro Municipality
1 kilometer along of Tetritskaro Samshvilde road;
Old recreational area;
Koda- Tetritskaro road 21st kilometer in the vicinity of cold bridge.

Ninotsminda Municipality
Central park of Ninotsminda -2-3 ha

Batumi Town. Batumi Municipality
The nearby Sheraton Hotel area
The old boulevard territory

Kobuleti Municipality
Adjacent area to the Administration building

The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of Earth – Georgia
Group of the project “Clean-up Georgia”

2013-09-12 On September 20, will start a “Clean –up Georgia” campaign

On September 20-21-22 takes place annual international Clean – up campaign –“ Clean Up the World!”
Clean Up the World! - Campaign was initiated by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in 1992. The campaign brings together governments, businesses, community groups, schools, and individuals for carrying out large-scale clean up actions and implementation of relevant programmes, which takes place traditionally in September in 130 countries annually (Georgia joined the “ Clean Up the World” campaign in 2010 and became 121st country placed on global environmental map).

2013-07-26 Clean up action in Terjola (Clean up Georgia, Phase II)

On 26 July there was carried out a joint action of administration of Terjola municipality and Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of Earth – Georgia within the framework of the project Clean Up Georgia Raising of public awareness and involvement in solid waste management improvement (Phase II)

2013-07-26 Information

On 26 July, paper packages with the project logo, and the brochure prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Natural resources protection were brought into the Smart, a Supermarket (Rustaveli Ave. 31/13) within the framework of “Clean Up Georgia Raising of public awareness and involvement in solid waste management improvement (Phase II)” .
(4 seconds are needed to throw the waste into the bin).

2013-06-25 TV Imedi "Day show live"

2013-06-14 Clean-up action in Lanchkhuti

On the basis of the appeal of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, 14 June, 2013 was announced the Clean-up Day in all the 16 territorial units of Lanchkhuti Municipality by the initiative of Lanchkhuti Municipality Sakrebulo and Administration.

2013-06-06 Information regarding the action carried out in the city of Kutaisi

On 5 June 2013 a clean-up action dedicated to the International Day of Environmental Protection was held in the city of Kutaisi.

2013-06-06 -


2013-06-03 2 June, the Day of the Protection of the Kura-Aras river Basin. Aspindza Municipality.

On 2 June, the day of the Kura river protection, Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of Earth – Georgia and Global Water Partnership organized and held a clean-up action in the Aspindza Municipality within the framework of “Clean-up Georgia” campaign.

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