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Clean Up Georgia

“Hazardous Waste Management Guideline” Part II

NGO "Ecological Awareness and Waste Management” produced another manual/guideline, “Hazardous Waste Management Guideline” Part II. The guideline is prepared within the framework of the "Clean up Georgia – Phase III" project, which reflects the risks caused by abandoned old chlorine reservoirs in Georgia and the ways of their further safe disposal.

The guideline gives a detailed overview of the experience of developed (USA, Sweden, UK) and post-soviet (Georgia, Russian Federation) countries in the field of preventing and elimination of the chlorine caused accidents, which can be easily adopted and utilized both by professionals and the general public. Necessity of establishing in Georgia of a modern sustainable system considering the best practice common for the developed countries is substantiated.

“Clean Up Georgia-Phase III” project is implemented by a Consortium of NGOs “Ecological Awareness and Waste Management”, Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis” and “Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth -Georgia” with the financial support of Swedish Government.




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