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Clean Up Georgia

Project Clean-Up Georgia (Phase III) Waste Management Problems in Adjara

Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis” organized meetings in Shuakhevi, Khulo, Khelvachauri, Kobuleti and Keda Municipalities, Adjara Autonomous Republic, where the following characteristic waste management issues have been revealed:
1) Environmental pollution both by local population and vacationers (tourists). Dumpsites of construction and household waste;
2) Poor condition of the existing landfill;
3) Supervision service cannot ensure enforcement of fines that are established by the law on environmental pollution with waste - insufficient awareness level among local population;
4) Need to introduce a mechanism that can promote on-site waste separation practice;
5) Need to introduce allowances on clean-up service fee for socially vulnerable population;
6) Need to have access to information about waste management strategy, goals and objectives of respective action plan, and processes/ changes that are on-going in the waste management sector;
7) Issues to deliver clean-up service to farmers that operate in the municipality and, respectively, difficulties with fee collection - they refuse to sign contracts;
8) Lack of information about operational plants that recycle household waste, as well as modern recycling technologies;
9) Insufficient information about the construction of a new rational landfill in Tsetskhlauri;
10) Absence of organic waste composting practices, lack of information about adverse effects of open air burning of waste (plastic, tires) and respective legal restrictions;
11) Issues with the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment generated by population;
12) Lack of information about potential funding sources to obtain finances to improve the system;
13) The necessity to improve public awareness on and inform population about waste management topics, and the need for frequent clean-up campaigns with participation of local population.
The project “Clean Up Georgia” is being implemented by a consortium of NGOs: Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis”, “Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia” and “Raising of Ecological Awareness and Waste Management” with the financial support of the Government of Sweden.

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