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Clean Up Georgia

“Clean Up Georgia” Project (Phase III) Waste Management Problems in Imereti Region

Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis” organized meetings in Tskaltubo, Zestaponi, Chiatura, Sachkhere, Khoni, Vani, Kharagauli, Terjola, Tkibuli, Samtredia and Baghdati Municipalities as well as Kutaisi City Hall, Imereti Region, where the following characteristic waste management issues have been revealed:
1) Issue of delivery waste management services to rural population due to lack (insufficient number) of waste trucks and waste bins. Difficulties with the collection of waste fee in areas where waste management service is provided;
2) Lack of sufficiently skilled personnel who could be able to manage projects (prepare project proposals, ensure monitoring, etc.);
3) Lack of information about modern waste recycling technologies (e.g. bioreactors, mechanical biological treatment (MBT) and possibilities for their application in Georgia;
4) Lack of information about opportunities for safe management and reuse of domestic waste (for instance reuse of plastic containers for household purposes, e.g. to keeping water and beverage);
5) Lack of information about operational waste recycling plants;
6) Necessity for the implementation of waste separation system;
7) Lack of information on waste management fee: e.g. How should so called ‘gate fee’ be calculated for separated municipal waste that is delivered to a landfill, etc.
8) Problems related to historical and current environmental pollution with waste;
9) River pollution with sewage water.
10) Lack of information about composting methods that could be used at a household level and opportunities for generation of biogas (from manure);
11) Lack of information about current legislation and specifically about liabilities of the local self-government once the new regional landfill is constructed;
12) Donor organizations and financial institutions that support waste management sector;
13) Scarcity of information materials that are devoted to fines imposed on environmental pollution with waste;
14) Lack of information about the existing system and international practices in the field of medical waste management;
15) Lack of information regarding the extended liability of entrepreneur imposed by the law;
16) Problems with the engagement of private sector in the waste management sector and lack of information;
17) The necessity to frequently discuss waste management topics in local media;
18) The need for increased engagement of local population in discussion and solving of waste management issues;
19) The necessity for regular arrangement of information and clean-up campaigns.

The project “Clean Up Georgia” is being implemented by a consortium of NGOs: Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis”, “Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia” and “Raising of Ecological Awareness and Waste Management” with the financial support of the Government of Sweden.

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