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Project Staff

Mrs. Nino Chkhobadze (Project Director)
Mrs. Nino Chkhobadze is a one of the founder of the Greens Movement of Georgia, established on1989. In the various positions (Minister 1995-2004 and deputy Minster 1993-1995 of Georgia Environment protectopn and Natural resources) she gained considerable knowledge in the field of environmental governance and public administration. Most of her time she has dedicated to reform and building of environmental management systems in Georgia, introducing of public participation in environmental decision making process and capacity building of environmental non-profit organisations. She has initiated many projects and events of international importance, participated in many missions and published articles and works on various environmental issues. Her work mainly covered NIS region and countries of Central and Eastern Europe. She was actively participated as a panelist and chair in all parties meetings of international conventions such as Aarhus Convention, Kyoto Protocol of Climate Change Convention and Stockholm Convention; OECD EAP Task Force during 2000-2003, IV, V, VI Pan European Environment Ministerial under the process - Environment for Europe and also I, II, III, IV Water Forum. She Initiated and co-ordinated elaboration of Environmental Strategy for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. She is a Board Member of RIO, Centre for Environmental Information and Sustainable Development. Since 2006 she acts as achear of Global Water Partnership for Caucasus and Central Asia region.

Mrs. Mariam Kimeridze (Project Coordinator)
holds a Ph.D. in Botany and is a key expert in the field of environmental protection in various international strategic projects for 12 years and Senior Scientist at I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University for 18 years. Working on numerous national and international projects, she has gained vast experience in the field of environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment, environmental legislation and biodiversity offset. She is the authour of more then 25 scientific publications and 2 books. She has participated at numerous international conferences, workshops and congresses in the field of environmental sciences, environmental protection, legislation etc. Being familiar with both the Georgian and the international environmental processes and speaking four languages, she is an important communicator inside and outside the Project team.

Mrs. Nino Sulkhanishvili (Project Coordinator)
Mrs. Nino Sulkhanishvili worked as an expert environmentalist for various international consulting companies for 10 years and land cadastre and land use specialist at the State Department of Land Management of Tbilisi for 8 years. She has been working as a GIS and land use expert on different international projects. Her experience covers land use and land cadastre, environmental and construction issues. She has also wide experience of project managing. She has participated and lectured at numerous international conferences and seminars on GIS, land use and environmental science. Tbilisi (Georgia 1993 - up to present), Istanbul (Turkey 1999), Trieste (Italy 2002), Budapest (Hungary 2003), Stuttgart (Germany 2004), Madrid (Spain 2007), Geneva (Switzerland 2007-2008), Dubai (AUE 2007), Oslo (Norway 2009), Buenos Aires (Argentina 2009) etc.

Mr. Sergi Sopadze (Project Coordinator)
Mr. Sergi Soppadze has experience of project assistance in various environmental projects and actions. He has been working on community mobilization under the SPARE project for 3 years. He conducted seminars and practical trainings on energy efficiency and energy saving in Georgia regions. He also works in the field Web developing and database creation.



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