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Georgian Society of Nature Explorers "Orchis"
Brief Information about the Organization

Non-governmental Organization Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis” was founded in 1997. The mission of the Organization is to explore the nature and contribute to the development and implementation of measures aimed at environmental protection for the purpose of creating better, safe and healthy environment for the population of Georgia. The superior management body of the Union is General Meeting of members which directs the Union activities. The Organization has Board (of Directors) and a Chair.
Objectives and tasks of GSNE “Orchis” is the study of ecosystems and carrying out necessary measures for the conservation of biodiversity; monitoring of flora and fauna and defining the natural resources on the territory of Georgia for their conservation and sustainable use; scientific study of landscapes, as well as endemic, rare and endangered species, agricultural, economic and medicinal plants and carrying out necessary work for their protection; to contribute to the development and implementation of environmental protection measures for the creation of better, safe and healthy environment for the population of Georgia; information distribution among the stakeholders through different mass media; deepening of public knowledge about actual issues of environmental protection and strengthening their abilities through such systematic measures as presentations, lectures, conferences, activity of the groups working in projects, publications in Georgian and foreign scientific journals and editions, participation in the preparation of environmental legislation; active cooperation both with Georgian and foreign nature protection organizations, services, scientific entities and also with the non-governmental organizations, societies and private persons of similar interests.
Activities carried out by the organization include: scientific studies on the climate change impact on biodiversity and the problems connected with it; protection of ecosystems’ biodiversity, study of the negative aspects of forest ecosystem degradation and the issues of its protection; facilitation of introduction of best available international practice for Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Integrated Management Plans based on the environmental and social policy and guidelines of the International Financial Institutions; active participation in the development of environmental protection and social policy documents of international financial institutions and working out of national and sectoral strategies; monitoring of the projects of high ecological risk; active participation in the development of protected areas management plans, environmental strategies and action plans; preparation of the classification of habitats of Georgia in accordance with Natura 2000 guiding document; public awareness raising for ensuring the improvement of solid waste management and facilitating the introduction of wastes integrated management practice; carrying out environmental education programs for the purpose of promoting the sustainable management of natural resources and their conservation and others.



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