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EcoVision – the Union of Sustainable Development


EcoVision – the Union of Sustainable Development was founded in 2001 with the purpose to: introduce Sustainable Development concepts, promote renewable and clean energy as an alternative sources  of energy, facilitate improvement of legislative basis; participate in creation of various protected areas including historical heritage, preservation of biodiversity and cultural legacy. One of the major focuses of the Union is to raise public awareness though fostering environmental care and vision in population. The mission of the Union is to support the formation  of  long term  vision and mentality, to uphold a  policy of natural resources efficient use thus, minimize a manmade negative impact on the nature. EcoVision Union is strongly committed to the solution based programs through synergic approach to handle  with the local problems as  a part of  global concern of world ecosystem. The Union takes a course to respond problems through public participation by encouraging local population to be actively involved in the problems solution. The use of local human resources in their professional and practitioner capacities consolidates effort to successfully meet ecological challenges such as climate change, biodiversity conservation and desertification existing in the country. EcoVison targets the above mentioned through best practices and lessons learned.
Since 2001 – EcoVision publishes quarterly environmental newspaper “Littoral”.
Since – 2002 NGO EcoVision acts as a UNCCD focal point in Georgia. EcoVision permanently disseminates information on various Conventions, holds responsiveness over global and national   problems on desertification and land degradation.
Since 2002 – SPARE (school project for application of energy and resources) Financed by Norwegian Government.

Organization Structure of EcoVision:

EcoVision is a non-profit non-governmental organization. The organization has horizontal structure. The board of EcoVision consists of   5–member team, headed by Executive director, Mr. Gia Sopadze, who holds PhD in .Natural Science from the Javakhishvili State University.
EcoVision the Union of Sustainable development is registered by the Resolution  # 5a/9-298 of Tbilisi Vake-Saburtalo  Regional Court on   July 30, 2009. (the Resolution attached)
Registered Managing Director is Gia Sopadze. The headquarter of the NGO is located in 7a, Bakhtrioni Street, 0171 Tbilisi, Georgia.
EcoVision with its 5 – member crew cooperates with respective professional - colleagues on various project based requirements. 

Key tasks and experiences:

EcoVision – Scientific and Consulting Activities
2009 -  EcoVision together with consortium members PÖYRY ENERGY GMBH (Finish consulting company), HYDROPHIL (Austrian consulting company) has been implementing  a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Aragvi River Basin. Financed by EBRD.
Since 2002 - National coordinator of NATO/CCMS Program - Use of Landscape Sciences for Environmental Assessment. Annual scientific reports has been developed on Georgia Landscapes for the mentioned project.
2002 - Preparation of Landscape component reports for the EIA studies of Strategic Projects in Georgia (BTC, Highway constructions, etc.).
Information synthesis for the Survey of the POPs-related  Situation in Georgia.
Participation in the planning process of Georgia Protected Areas. Preparation of Landscape-Ecological Planning documents. 2004. GEF/ WB
Creation of various Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based on Environmental Maps.
Curricula and Syllabi  on Sustainable Development for High Schools has been developed  and published by EcoVision, that is being  used  as a core academic curriculum at Tbilisi State University since 2004.
2002-2003 – EcoVision developed and Published five – lingual (English, Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijan) Ecological Dictionary; (Financed by Regional Ecological Centre of the Caucasus – REC Caucasus).

EcoVision – Public Awareness and Educational Activities
Since 2002 – EcoVision acts as a national coordinator of School Project for Application of Energy and Resources (SPARE) Financed by Norwegian Government.EcoVison is proud of its capacity to run SPARE in about 150 schools throughout Georgia. The project aims at fostering mentality, among young generation, to respect energy saving policy and exercise it in day-to-day life. EcoVision introduces and promotes environmentally friendly technologies as a main alternatives of  energy. Thanks to SPARE  EcoVision is able to prepare a strong platform for  cause-and-effect understanding of climate  and ecosystem changes and its influences on  environment.  Trained children are a valuable source of knowledge for disseminating the desired information among friends, parents, neighbours and not only.
One of the major challenges for the Union is to run school project in the conflicting cross border regions of Armenian and Azeri. EcoVision in the capacity of SPARE implementing NGO bridges population’s effort by taking a lead in communication and collaboration.
In 2003 NGO Coalition - Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN), the leading - Green Alternative and Eco-Vision started the project - Local Capacities Development and Public Awareness for Better Energy Governance, (Financed by USAID).
The objective of the project was to enhance transparency and establish bottom-up accountability through community mobilization, public education, and consumer’s responsibilities.
Various trainings on International Conventions (CITES, RAMSAR, Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation, Desertification), Sustainable Development, Environmental Management and Monitoring have been carried out by EcoVision on National and Regional Level for different stakeholders.  

EcoVision – Activities in the field of Legislation
Creation of precondition for elaboration and perfection of national legislation in order to observe the CITES provisions and RAMSAR convention on waters and wetlands.
Contribute to elaboration and perfection of national law on creation of Trans-boundary Protected Areas in Adjara region.



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