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The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth Georgia Statement

On planned clean-up actions in the regions of Georgia to be held on 22 March in relation to "World Water Day”, within the framework of the project "Keep Georgia Tidy"

In Georgia, due to the growing number of people suffering from an outbreak of coronavirus disease and a potential epidemic threat, the Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth -Georgia renounce to carry out large-scale cleanup campaigns scheduled for March 22.
Bearing in mind, that a clean environment is one of the preventive measures of the expected epidemic, we urge you ...
Demonstrate your civic responsibility and conduct an individual cleaning of your place of residence and surrounding area on March 22.

Cleanup Our House, Yard, Street ... Protect Each Other!
Keep Georgia Tidy Together!

Please, send photos and cleaning information to the following address
Facebook: საქართველოს მწვანეთა მოძრაობა/The Greens Movement of Georgia
Keep Georgia Tidy - დავიცვათ საქართველოს სისუფთავე - KGT Thank you in advance for your support.




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