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Meeting within the Framework of the Project in Shida Kartli Region

On December 19, 2018 within the framework of the component of the “Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth -Georgia” , implemented under the project “Clean Up Georgia (Phase III)” , in collaboration and support of Regional Administration a meeting was held in the administration of the State Representative -Governor of Shida Kartli Region on waste management issues. The meeting was attended by representatives of Public Utility and Cleaning Services of the municipalities of Shida Kartli region.

Within the meeting, the organizers discussed the current situation with waste management system in the country, multidimensional analysis of poverty reduction in relation to waste management, still existing illegal landfills, five-year waste management action plans prepared by the municipalities and problems related to separated collection of waste from February 2019. Representatives of the municipalities, in particular, supervision services noted that it is almost impossible to carry out sanctions imposed by law on illegally dumped waste. It has been said that the region is facing an acute problem of pollution of rivers with waste, as well as the disposal of construction waste.

Representatives of the municipalities discussed the problems related to the slaughterhouses. Representatives of the municipalities were given the publications of the project and the GIS maps of illegal landfills (Shida Kartli region).
Regional meetings are carried out within the framework of the project “Clean Up Georgia” (Phase III) and implemented by NGO consortium the “Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth – Georgia”, Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “Orchis, “Ecological Awareness and Waste Management” with financial support of the Government of Sweden, with support of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia and in collaboration with Solid Waste Management Company, Parliamentary Committee for Environment Protection and Natural Resources and as well the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.




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